Jehovah’s Witness: A Non-Prophet Organization
Jehovah’s witnesses are a curiosity to most observers. They claim to be the only true people of God of earth. Their version of their history has been published in the book. “Jehovah’s witnesses – Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom.” They challenge us to examine them, to see if they really are the true followers of God. We have accepted this challenge.Jehovah’s Witnesses, while claiming to be a Bible-based religion have gone beyond scripture and prophesied in the name of “Jehovah.” What is their record? We have found them consistent – a 100% failure rate, and a modern-day false prophet.Many will be shocked by the disclosures in this video, but facts do not lie. Here you will see over one hundred years of false prophecies, cover-ups and outright lies.
Despite their carefully crafted public image, this video reveals the real identity of Jehovah’s Witnesses – A Non-Prophet Organization.

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