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Evolution vs. Creation – How did life begin?

Unmasks fraudulent cover-ups, wild speculations, and deceitful myths that have been presented as the absolute “facts” of evolution. Should evolutionism, the foundational faith of eastern mystical thought, be taught in schools as science, when Creationism, the foundational belief of Judeo-Christianity, has been expelled? Likes: 1 Viewed: source (Visited 289 times, 1 visits today) Related posts: […]


For thirty-four years, Jerry Boykin was an eyewitness to the front lines of conflicts that America has faced. From Somalia to Panama to Iran, Jerry Boykin confronted the forces of tyrants, drug dealers and war lords. A founding member of Delta Force, he became Commander of the US Special Forces. What Jerry Boykin has seen […]

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Who Goes There? Channeling Documentary

What is channeling? What are “spirit guides”, “inner friends”, and “multiple personalities?” Where do they come from? Is there any harm to the practitioner? Find out in this fascinating and startling examination of one of America’s most dangerous spiritual trends. Channeling: the phenomenon is widespread. There are thousands of channelers in North America alone, and […]
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