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California Sex ED Indoctrination

As you may be aware, the radical LGBTQ activist and Planned Parenthood have launched an aggressive targeting of children in our public schools. Specifically, they have persuaded the California Board of Education to adopt a sex education program that is shockingly graphic and intended to promote the sexualizing of our children. This education program includes […]

Last Religion 2 – Alien, Imam or A.I. Antichrist The Last Religion 2 Alien, Imam or A.I. Antichrist Does the Bible predict that the Antichrist will be a Muslim, an Alien, or a computer-enhanced hybrid? What happened in the “days of Noah” and why did Jesus say the world will be like that prior to His Second Coming? Presented by Caryl Matrisciana, featuring: […]

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Israel A Nation Is Born

Witness the rebirth of Israel as a nation. Five Part Historic Documentary. Watch modern-day prophecy fulfilled! This visual anthology chronicles Israel’s struggle for birth, survival, and independence: from the 1917 signing of the Balfour Agreement to the Arab/Israeli peace talks of 1992. An educational treasure of rare archival footage. The world waited nearly 3,000 years […]

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The God Makers

Landmark documentary which exposes Mormonism as a pseudo-Christian religion with pagan roots. Reveals heart-breaking accounts of families and lives destroyed by the Mormon Church. For more information, visit