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Shadow War Trailer

Is America under attack? (Visited 69 times, 1 visits today) Related posts: Last Religion 2 – Alien, Imam or A.I. Antichrist California Sex ED Indoctrination NO OPT-OUT ALLOWED: The California Sex Ed Indoctrination Hillary Clinton’s Lover Vince Foster – the shocking mystery EXPOSED!!
California Sex ED Indoctrination with Tim Thompson & Don Dix (Episode 1)California Sex ED Indoctrination
California Sex ED Indoctrination

California Sex ED Indoctrination

As you may be aware, the radical LGBTQ activist and Planned Parenthood have launched an aggressive targeting of children in our public schools. Specifically, they have persuaded the California Board of Education to adopt a sex education program that is shockingly graphic and intended to promote the sexualizing of our children. This education program includes […]

Last Religion 2 – Alien, Imam or A.I. Antichrist The Last Religion 2 Alien, Imam or A.I. Antichrist Does the Bible predict that the Antichrist will be a Muslim, an Alien, or a computer-enhanced hybrid? What happened in the “days of Noah” and why did Jesus say the world will be like that prior to His Second Coming? Presented by Caryl Matrisciana, featuring: […]

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God Of The New Age

With explosive facts, it explains why 60 million Americans have been led to Eastern mysticism’s “embrace that smothers,” exchanging the certain hope of salvation for the hopeless cycle of reincarnation. Gods of the New Age reveals: Why thousands of churchgoers have begun to believe the lies first told by the serpent in the Garden of […]

The Mena Cover-up: Drugs, Deception, & the CIA

The Mena Cover-up puts to rest the many rumors, myths, and legend surrounding the tiny rural town of Mena, ArkansasIn 60 action-packed minutes, the viewer is shown how Organized Crime, working with Colombian Drug Lords, compromised U.S. Government Officials at the local, state and federal level and even assisted in the making of a President.This […]

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Secret World of Mormonism This eye-opening video investigation reveals the truth behind Mormonism, from its inception during the 1800’s to its growth today into one of the largest and most powerful business corporations in the world. You will learn about founder Joseph Smith’s first vision, the church’s history and practice of polygamy, the secret temple rituals, and what […]
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