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4 – East Seduces the West

In what ways is Eastern mysticism going mainstream, suggested as scientific in the evolution curriculum, credits in medicine, fundamental basis of psychology, etc. Freud's roots and psychology's history and dangers? Movies, public educational facilities where children are taught psychic techniques, children's games, children's TV. focus on guided imagery and inner entities, film-stars promote paganism as glamorous, New Age book sections, Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals and other psychic fairs, etc. Hindu evangelism explanation and purpose. Vol. 4 of Pagan Invasion Series Analyzes many psychotherapies -- are they forms of black magic? 48 Minutes / '91

13 – Doorways to Satan

The dawn of the 21st Century has found much of modern society obsessed with occult mysteries, sadistic violence, and evil. Everything from cartoons and video games to recorded music and major theatrical films are being designed and promote to “satisfy” the public’s insatiable lust for the macabre. Most disturbing is the rise in the practice […]

Who Goes There? Channeling Documentary

What is channeling? What are “spirit guides”, “inner friends”, and “multiple personalities?” Where do they come from? Is there any harm to the practitioner? Find out in this fascinating and startling examination of one of America’s most dangerous spiritual trends. Channeling: the phenomenon is widespread. There are thousands of channelers in North America alone, and […]

Devil Worship: The Rise of Satanism

The startling expose' of the frightening growth of Satanism in America. Features testimonies from law enforcement officials, practicing Satanists, and others. Understand why Halloween is so dangerous.

1 – Halloween: Trick or Treat

Traces the pagan origins and history of Halloween. The Pagan Occult calendar of Druids, Witches, Pagans and Satanists marks Halloween as one of their highest holy days. The occult rituals seen in this video are real and not re-enactments.

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Temple Of The God Makers

This explosive DVD documentary shows bizarre LDS temple rituals and shatters the facade that hides contradictory Mormon teachings. A sequel to the powerful film The God Makers, Temple of the God Makers exposes the paganism of Mormon temple rites practiced daily by its elitist members throughout the world. It tells the history behind blood oaths […]

10 – Latter Day Empire

Mormonism and its purposes in being the largest business corporation in the western United States.In 1830 Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Today, Smith’s Mormon Empire boasts a membership of millions of dedicated followers and is said to be the largest business corporation in the Western United States! What […]

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California Sex ED Indoctrination

  As you may be aware, the radical LGBTQ activist and Planned Parenthood have launched an aggressive targeting of children in our public schools. Specifically, they have persuaded the California Board of Education to adopt a sex education program that is shockingly graphic and intended to promote the sexualizing of our children. This education program […]

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Cult Explosion

https://shop.jeremiahfilms.com/revival-of-evil-cult-explosion-dvd.html People are confused, and for good reason. These groups sound like Christianity, they look like Christianity; they even claim to have the truth. Surprisingly, 78% of all cult groups are made up of people who have previously attended Christian churches. Cult expert Dr. Walter Martin and former Hindu Guru Rabi Maharaj explain the attraction […]

The Forbidden Book

https://shop.jeremiahfilms.com/the-forbidden-book-dvd.html The Forbidden Book History of the English Bible. Discover how a few brave men, like John Wycliffe, William Tyndale and Martin Luther, obeyed God and brought the Scriptures to the world.

The UFO Conspiracy

https://shop.jeremiahfilms.com/the-ufo-conspiracy-dvd.html Reveals how Christians should view the growing evidence of UFO sightings, face-to-face encounters, and alleged abductions.

A Song For Grandmother

Heartwarming video takes you “inside” nursing homes. You’ll laugh and you’ll be touched by this uplifting film. Watch children bring joy—experienced volunteers share a variety of insights—see first-time visitors succeed.