Alien, Imam, or AI Antichrist – The Last Religion 2 – Chuck Missler & Tom Horn Nephilim aliens
This film delves into the topics that pastors won’t talk about!
What is the “Mark of the Beast”? Did giant “gods” live among humans, and will they return? Are scientists using technology to communicate with aliens and open demonic portals? Will Islam rule the world? Will the next Pope be a human? Will we be ruled by Artificial Intelligence? These topics and more are analyzed and discussed by prophecy experts, past and present.
Does the Bible predict that the Antichrist will be
a Muslim, an Alien, or a computer-enhanced hybrid?
What happened in the “days of Noah” and why did Jesus say the world will be like that prior to His Second Coming?
The climax of human history has been predicted to follow very specific signs. This film unearths mysterious prophecies that speak of current and future technologies that will ultimately enslave the entire world!
Discover how current trends have been predicted in the Ancient Biblical Prophetic Narrative and what you can do to prepare for the End Times.
Presented by Caryl Matrisciana
featuring interviews with: Dr. Chuck Missler, Hal Lindsey, John Loeffler, Gary Stearman, Dr. Tom Horn, Frank Peretti, Paul McGuire, L.A. Marzulli,
Dr. David Breese, Tim LaHaye and Joel Richardson.


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